Exciting Travel Trip To Bochum

                    Looking for a new and exciting travel trip to Bochum?? Then your planning has to be started by finding the best car rentals for your trip. Right way of enjoying the trip to Bochum is  to visit the city highlights can be done only if the travel is from a trusted source. Dortmund  is one of the nearest airports to Bochum. Once you reach the airport with a pre booked Airport transfer, the  Cab Driver will await your arrival, pick you up and drop off at Dortmund.. The traveling distance is from  Dortmund  A40 -30.8km time is 36mins If you  go from  the another route the  distance is B1-36.9km and it takes 38mins from Dortmund Airport. Plan your Bochum  trip right from booking the best Airport Transfer that will pick you up and drop off–All with the affordable prices.

Getting to tourist attractions in Bochum:

                            There are a number of attractions in Bochum. The German Mining Museum is one such attraction and it features a pit with a long winding tower. The other attraction is the Bochum Geological Garden situated on the site of an old pit. In this location you have a very good opportunity to get to see the amazing rock formations. To get to the southern end of the town where the geological garden is located you need to rent a car in Bochum. The other great attraction in Bochum is the Bochum Museum. The museum is home to an amazing art collection which is mainly post World War II.

                      Before you  get a cab  rough-and-ready idea how far you are going and how much it should cost.If you are not sure ask someone . You can book the service through internet or through an agency. Your seat is guaranteed if you book with us and you can also let us know if you have any special travel needs.

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By deepugerman

Beautiful Roses

The name rose comes from French. Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops. And  they also have minor medicinal uses.

 Roses are a popular crop for both domestic and commercial.

The majority of ornamental roses are hybrids that were bred for their flowers.

Rose perfumes are made from attar of roses or rose oil, which is a mixture of volatile essential oils obtained by steam distilling the crushed petals of roses. An associated product is rose water which is used for cooking, cosmetics, medicine and in religious practices


Rose hips are occasionally made into jam, jelly, and  marmalade.

The rose hip, usually from R. canina is used as a minor source of Vitamin C.

Roses are a favored subject in art and appear in portraits, illustrations, on stamps, as ornaments or as architectural elements.