Finding Dream Travel Jobs

         How to find a great travel job. How to find your dream train  travel job i know i thought it was in your shoes  we are not too many years ago where i was looking for that train travel job or how to get a travel job .So that’s one in this videos to help you along that process the first thing that you need to do when deciding what kind of travel job you want is to decide.what kind of travel job  you want it’s that easy are you looking to work for some corporation but will fly you all of the world today go to business dealings my campaign if so then you have to consider what exactly what skill set or they can be looking for in that job they’re obviously going to be looking for some kind of profession that his highly skilled that they want a flight you all over the world to do that.

          If you’re looking for that type of travel job you need to start with first of all do you have the skills if you don’t have the skills what do you need to do to get those skills do you need to go back to school do you need to go get to train someplace and even then is that really the type of travel job you’re looking for are you looking for a job board you’re basically at the companies beckoned call to go wherever they want to send you to do whatever work they want you to do so decide on that first of the second type of traveljob bill are you are you looking for a travel job that is inside of the tourism industry river the resort industry or the hospitality industry now these can be different than suggest to once again are you looking to like work it out by ski resort well that’s very seasonal work for one thing for two there are also looking for certain skills every employer is going to be looking for skills part of the reason why they want to pay the right they’re hiring me because of your skills so do you have the skills how you go about getting them yeah sevens to then take a look at exactly what that means going to work at a ski resort might sound glamorous at first but after four months of freezing your took us off and being out there and that’s the wind the snow the cold you might discover that  helping people get on a chair lift is an exactly your dream profession.

           so once again the you’ve got a consider exactly what it is you’re going up if you want to be a ski patrol what they’re going to need to take first aid classes you’re going to be a day get dusty of skills that are up to the level of being a ski patrol back anything now that’s a lot better i was a  lifeguard for example amitabh will may announce it excellent job but i did spend time getting mine water safety instructors license of mine for state license in my senior life saving certificates not like I think it took me about a year to get all those credentials but those jobs to exist although i just met up with a group of people not too long ago that were dive masters so they’ve gone through scuba diving and taken a lot of different courses to get the level of dive master and then they have to put together a resume that is going to be you know I’m not skills and enough experience to get higher well what i discovered in my search to get the perfect travel career is number one most employers are going to while want to send you to places that you want to go to just because you want to go employers have purpose in mind they’re gonna send u someplace because they have a job to do.

        Number two lawyers are going to necessarily canopy what you’re worth ever in any kind of profession simply because that’s the job of an employer to make sure that they make money off of your efforts if they pay you what your work then they’re not making the money that they need to make off on number three in any travelposition you’re up against one major hurdle and that’s that a lot of people would be willing to do the good jobs in the funding jobs for free fate they would do it just for the trap anytime you’re up against people that would do what you are trying to get a job doing and they do it for free i can guarantee one thing and that’s a low income so in my search for finding that perfect travel job i had to go out there and consider if it’s not going to be with an employer if it’s not going to be through a corporation how we’re going to do this and the only answer that was left to me logically it was that i had to go out and create something i had to go out there an the entrepreneurial i had to go out there and start a business now that my scalp tricky and scary but it’s not it’s a lot of people do far more work as an employee then as an employer ask-don’t rob last time that the  picked up a hammering so that’s beyond the point so i knew i had to do something that was going to be some points of then i start looking at killing offer what kind of service war aura Skleton i offer out there that would lend itself to getting the to be paid to travel and to do it the way i want to do it.

            well my path over three years slowly but surely let me count the path of finding out about having a career as a professional travel organized recently i think this is the dream job is i do get to have my cake and eat it too with this job i get to where i want to go i get to go when i want to go how i want to go and most important I’d like to do what i want to do when i get there so when I and traveling i get to do the things that I’ve always wanted to know if i do this right i can designed a whole entire business around me it can be very self-serving if you can do the same thing on the basis of professional group travel organizer what i do is now I’m trying to travel club the travel post based around interest that .I have for example if you’re interested in fly fishing you can’t do much travel club around fly fishing if your interested in dancing a salsa dancing you can’t travel club that’s all centered around salsa dancing to make this about who you are what your passions in life are and that is so dynamic in any type of career path if you’re able to do what you’re passionate about you’re way ahead of the game that passion is going to help you succeed so basically as a professional travel organizer i heard trap club I’m planning trips around who i am doing what i want to do kronor all i think it’s tough then i take a group of people with me and this is why i get painted type of money i do is because i helped organized the group now this is hard it’s not be easy it just is what it is I’m the social chairman for my career the cases it doesn’t take acquires you know you don’t have to have experienced in this you have to look to travelyou do have to like travel with people.

By deepugerman

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